50 Cent Performs At The Palms

50 Cent has told all his Twitter followers that he's looking for a good woman online. The rapper wrote: “A yal be on twitter meeting each other. Then yal be f***ing this s**t is crazy. I wanta find me a bad b**ch on twitter. Lol.”
But apparently plus-sized girls need not apply. 50 raised eyebrows recently when he revealed that he bedded a “fat” woman and isn't sure if he'd do it again.
He tweeted: “So look I just finished with a fat b**ch for the first time I wanta tell you don't knock it till you try it. it was bad. “Hurt my back though I should a never tried to pick her up. Lol.”

50 has previously admitted he is wary about dating because he doesn’t trust the opposite sex.
The rap star, who is worth an estimated $440 million, revealed he is paranoid about getting involved in relationships because he thinks women are only interested in his money.
He said: "It's difficult for me to trust a woman. Men are attracted to beautiful women. Women are attracted to men who offer security -- financial security. And if you have money and you're famous, women find that sexy."