Hard at work on her hit CW show, AnnaLynne McCord was looking fabulous as she filmed beach scenes for "90210" in Los Angeles on Wednesday (October 13). Strapping on a body-hugging multi-colored wetsuit, the 23-year-old actress bravely hopped into the chilly water as she shot a surfing scene alongside a hunky male co-star. Aside from her television efforts, AnnaLynne has been appreciatively pitching in for New Orleans' St. Bernard Project - which is helping to rebuild homes destroyed during Hurrican Katrina.Asked how she got involved by USA Today, Miss McCord told, "I visited New Orleans for the first time about three years ago. I expected that some rebuilding would have taken place, and that many people would already be back in their homes. I didn't realize that the devastation would be so great nearly two years after the storm. As an American, I was heartbroken. I felt incredibly ignorant to the fact that so much still needed to be done."She added, "For the last couple of years, I've worked to bring awareness to New Orleans...to help these people feel like America hasn't forgotten them. We given so much aid to the world, but we've forgotten our own people. There are homeless people still living in FEMA trailers that reek of formaldehyde. How long does it take America to get to America?"