The movie isn't due out until next year, but Johnny Depp is already busy at work as he's rejoined director Gore Verbinski for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The actor was spotted in full pirate regalia on Tuesday as he got into his Jack Sparrow character.
Neither Keira Knightley nor Orlando Bloom will be reprising their Pirates roles for the fourth film, which will take Johnny on a journey to find the mythical fountain of youth (as if he really needs it). This time he'll go up against the infamous Blackbeard the Pirate played by the surly Ian McShane, and a long-lost love interest played by Penelope Cruz.

If you're Jonesing for Johnny, and you just can't wait that long, he'll be playing opposite Angelina Jolie in The Tourist this December, and he'll be voicing an out-of-place lizard in Gore Verbinski's animated desert film Rango in March.