Not only did Justin Bieber, 16, look totally adorable with his perfectly coiffed Bieber-do and his signature trout pout — he was a total bada** on the Sept. 23 season 11 premiere of CSI! I never in a million years thought Justin could really pull off playing “Jason McCann,” a troubled teen who has to nark on his older brother. We just didn’t think after watching Justin in his music videos for “Baby” and “Somebody To Love,” that he could actually be something other than cute boy! BUT … he rocked it!
After waiting about 20 minutes, the millions of viewers [young girls] out there were able to see the man of the hour — JB! His scene began with him sitting at an American extremist rally and he ended up being taken into custody, because they believe he had something to do with a bomb that went off at a funeral [that took place last season]. But once Justin is taken into custody, you really get to see his acting skills get to work. He has an entire scene with George Eads [Nick Stokes],who plays a Las Vegas forensic detective, and JB is completely believable!