Teaming up for red carpet duties, Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg attended Columbia Pictures' and The Cinema Society's screening of "The Social Network" in New York City on Thursday night (September 29). Held at the School of Visual Arts Theater, the co-stars were joined at the screening and afterparty festivities by celebrity guests such as Peter Nemcova, Adrien Brody and Katrina Bowden.   Recently talking with MTV News about the film - which hits theaters on Friday, October 1 - Eisenberg spoke about avoiding online gossip sites so he isn't hurt by what he reads. Jesse tells, "I know that I'm written about online — we're all written about online. It's incredibly painful to read it, so I stay off of it. People can write things that are terribly cruel because of the anonymity of the Internet." But this wasn't always the case, as he remembers rumors of his name being connected to "The Social Network" just last year, as Eisenber jokingly said, "I read about that online. I searched my name every day. I did it manually, because Google Alerts you can't trust. I had a lawyer do it for me in my bathroom."