Katherine couldn’t be more of a puppy-enthusiast! The actress is backing a $ 1 million dollar initiative to spay and neuter pups in Los Angeles!

Just because Katherine Heigl is in the middle of promoting her upcoming flick, Life As We Know It, it doesn’t mean she’s too busy to help her furry friends. The 31-year-old actress, who has 6 dogs of her own, is known for being an advocate of animal rights — especially dogs. Katherine donated $1 million dollars, Sept. 24, so that all animals in Los Angeles shelters will become spayed and neutered.
Katherine revealed at a press conference alongside Cesar Millan, [Dog Whisperer], that over 80,000 animals in local LA shelters last year were put to sleep. “How can we change the results for these animals?” she said. “[Shelters are not only] euthanizing sick, old dogs. It’s gotten brutal, you know. It’s inhuman, really.”

Katherine and her mom 
Nancy, raised the $1 million through a charity they started together called the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation. It’s in honor of her older brother Jason, who was killed in a tragic car accident at just 15-years-old.