The temperature may be getting a bit chilly, but 
Paris Hilton is still bikini-ready! The sexy heiress was spotted doing a topless bikini photo shoot earlier this month (October 2). Miss Hilton donned a skimpy swimsuit and posed for a bunch of super-hot snapshots in Malibu, California, and she even ditched her top at one point. The “Simple Life” starlet spent this past weekend helping a bunch of kids at the Rescue Mission Shelter get into the Halloween spirit along with her boyfriend Cy Waits. She tweeted, “Just got home. Cy and I went to the pumpkin patch to buy a bunch of pumpkins. Also some tools to carve and paint them and lots of candy and toys… [The children] were all so excited and grateful. It's such an amazing feeling to make a child smile and be happy. :)”