Beyonce and Jay-Z watch Nadal's match

Beyonce Knowles and her husband Jay-Z are reportedly expecting their first child! And according to insiders, Beyonce was shocked when she discovered the news -- but now she's absolutely thrilled.
A source told Us Weekly magazine: "B was shocked. She loves kids, but she wasn't ready to be a mother just yet. She really wanted to get her album done and tour the world again." Another insider added: “She now knows this is a gift from God and she's so happy."
Friends of the couple, who married in 2008, have expressed their delight at the news, saying they will make wonderful parents.
In 2008, Beyonce said she wasn't "ready" to have children. The 29-year-old beauty revealed: "I know I want kids but I have never been a girl who sees a baby and goes, 'Oh! I want one!' But when I do eventually have a child, I can only pray he is as amazing as my nephew Jules. He's just the best. He is also a lot of work!

So Congratulations, Beyonce and Jay-Z! We can’t wait to meet your little one!